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Recording Android Virtual Device applications/browser through Mobile Recorder - Asset Save Error

Question asked by Barath S on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Barath S

Hi All,


Am trying to Record Mobile Application Test through DevTest from mac machine running OS Sierra.


Prerequisites Met :

1.Installed Android Studio, SDK Tools, Few Versions of SDK,(4.4 to 7.1), Intel HAXM

2.Configured and Added my AVD - Nexus 4_API_19 in workstation

3.Able to run my Virtual Device through Android Virtual Device Manager

4.Added Android_Home, Java_Home

5.Added Path in Environment variable(bash_profile)


I am able to see my AVD listed in Asset addition screen and have selected it.


Challenge :

Adding an Android Simulator Asset in project.config

Throws - Asset Save Error :

Unable to extract the version of Android emulator.


As the Asset is not added, I am not able to configure Mobile Recorder -> Configure Mobile Session.


PFB Screenshots :




Kindly highlight if am missing something.

I am able to do the same with iOS simulator. Atleast able to add the Asset and Open Test Recorder.


Trying to do the same with Android.

Appreciate your help !