gel:persist  - Definition and access from same action(script)

Discussion created by Danpego on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by BChinn

I was working  with quite long GEL script which in the future will be divided in several steps and actions -in order to place in Production-.

For that reason I was interested in writing definitive code including global variables despite that they will be read just some lines below.


Unexpectedly, i found that a global variable (<gel:persist scope="INSTANCE")  when it is read from the same action return no value, whereas it has the expected value in later actions or steps etc..


I suppose that there is a technical reason for this behavior  - maybe because global info is stored in database -

In which table are these variables stored?

However,  if it is the expected behavior, I think it should be included in documentation. What do u think?


From this link i found the following info:

INSTANCE. Set once, use it anywhere in the same process during the current execution.