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Local Account Creation in CA instead of SSO

Question asked by piyush_kum on Jun 8, 2017
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I have got a requirement form User. Unable to understand what is he asking for. (See below..)


We need to cut the authentication through Lotus notes.

Therefore we have decided to create local accounts in CA instead of SSO.


We will to start with create 5 local shared accounts.


  1. Fujitsu GSD shared
  2. HCL Infra shared
  3. HCL apps shared
  4. Enfo Shared
  5. US shared

Send account name and password to:

  1. Hugo Macedo for Fujitsu
  2. Moushmi Sinha for HCL infra
  3. Deepshikha Shukla for HCL apps 
  4. Johan Palm for Enfo
  5. Simon Howard and Neil korgoakar for US


Kindly suggest how can I implement this change in System.



Piyush Kumar