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How to block table in Catalog form to Manager

Question asked by pcpolo on Jun 8, 2017
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Hi community,

I'm working in a Catalog offering with a form that have 3 tables where request user put some data (application access to many users) and then have to be approve to the request user's manager.

I need to block/inactive this tables when manager see the ticket so no changes can be made.

I already have a script in Inactive option to block the table when status is beyond approved. This is my actual script:


" $(_.request.status >=1000)" (No quotation)


I'm triying this to block manager modification:


"$((_.request.requestedBy != && _.request.status >=1000) || _.request.status >=1000)" (No quotation)


Is working when the ticket is already created but, when try to create a new ticket the form tables are inactive.



Pedro Polo