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How to get the list of all User stories including child stories using /slm/webservice/v2.0/hierarchicalrequirement API

Question asked by JaykrishnaJha1377646 on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Conny Postma

I am using this rally API to get the list of all the stories:"My_Parent_Project")&order=OrderString

My_Parent_Project actually do not have any user stories, but its children projects (my_child_1 and my_child_2) has user stories.

Is there any specific field, which I can mention to get all the user stories including child projects.

I can see Rally UI has option to get the data from Child project. So I believe there must be an option to get this data using above API. (They use projectScopeUp=false&setScopedDown=true which doesn't seems to be working with
"hierarchicalrequirement" API.