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Custom Connector deployment issue - Tenantnotset

Question asked by Dsarkar1987 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by KennyV

Hi team,

I was exploring the CA IDM to learn custom connector by duplicating provided SDKDYN connector, ant build it, hot deploy to connector express, create the project out of it and use it to deploy the endpoint at provision server.

The error I get in doing so is -



Log details as-

ERROR IM Provisioning Server - :ETA_E_0003<APO>, DYN Account Template 'DefaultPolicy' creation failed: DB Add failed: No such object (ldaps://win-v76fe3xxxx:20391) (by User 'etaadmin' - TenantNotSet)


My JExplorer shows no hirarchy created for my SDKTRIAL connector.

I am really new to IDM, and could not figure out what is really missing in the metadata file or somewhere else. meatadata is same except few name changes to differentiate and "DefuaultPolicy" exists.

Please help me to understand this cause.



Debasish Sarkar.