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Under which object is the Variance at Completion (VAC)

Question asked by Youka on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by urmas

In 15.2, I am trying to add to view under Project: Schedule & Performance the Variance at completion (VAC) and cannot locate the attribute under Project Object, Baseline object or Task Object.  SV and CV are available, not VAC.  Can someone please direct me to where I can locate VAC?


As per CA PPM user guide, the following variance analysis indices exist:

"Use the variance analysis fields to calculate the deviations between actual and planned performance.
These fields automatically compare current plan data against the baseline to quantify cost and
schedule variations. Examples of variance analysis fields include Schedule Variance (SV), Cost
Variance (CV), and Variance at Completion (VAC).
To view this data, first add the fields to a view."