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CA Service Desk SLA

Question asked by Sunilpatel on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Kyle_R

Hello All,


We are using the CA SDM 14.1 SP3.

We have already configure priority based SLA in our Service Desk. Now for vendor there is no priority base SLA and we have to configure it CA SDM. We have multiple different vendor.

Can you please tell me is it feasible or not ? 


Configured SLA 


Ex    Incident  P1  2 Hr

         Incident  P2  4 Hr

         Incident  P3  8 Hr


         Request   P1  4 Hr

         Request   P2  8 Hr

         Request   P3  12 Hr


Vendor SLA


Vendor   ABC    24 Hr

Vendor   XYZ     Respnse SLA  2 Hr     Resolution SLA 6 Hr ...


Kindly suggest.



Piyush Mer