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nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs gives results with overlapping dates

Question asked by frean04 Employee on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by frean04

I'm getting the following results when querying the table nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs for one specific TEAM_ID's allocation (task: -1)



As you can see for the SAME team_id i get overlapping dates:


2016-12-19  / 2018-07-27

2017-01-01 / 2017-12-31


I always thought that the purpose of the Datamart table was to give you only ONE rate for one project / resource / role  for an allocation with non overlapping dates. So i would have expected 3 records with the following dates:


2016-12-19  / 2016-12-31

2017-01-01 / 2017-12-31

2018-01-01  / 2018-07-27


Is there something I missed or could this be a bug?


Any help appreciated,