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IWA with SPS 12.6 in Linux

Question asked by fmoro on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Koichi_Ikarashi

Hi All.

I'm confused about the possibility of using IWA (not Kerberos) having just Secure Proxy Server in UNIX domain.

The use-case is that all users enter in our SSO 12.6 via web, authenticate with IWA and continue to work.

Is it not clear if it is mandatory to have an SPS on Windows.

In the past we implemented IWA in IIS with a standard webagent but in that case users went directly to that IIS server for IWA.

Now, having all requests that comes to SPS (in linux) in Front-End and not having any enabled flow to the backend (where there is IIS and webagent), is it still possible to have IWA? What we need to do?


Thanks a lot for the suggestions