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how to create incident using REST API with location and department attributes

Question asked by BalaKrishnab4 on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by AbhishekDanej

Hi Team,


I was able to create the incident using REST api from Java class and here I was not able to populate the values for attributes location and department. But here I'm passing the values to REST API as shown below.


String endpointPOST = baseURI + "/in";

  PostMethod post = new PostMethod(endpointPOST);
  post.addRequestHeader("X-AccessKey", getAccessID().toString());
  post.addRequestHeader("Accept" , "application/xml");
  post.addRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/xml; charset=UTF-8");
  //post.addRequestHeader("X-Obj-Attrs" , "ref_num,requestor,summary, zdept");
  /*StringHolder NewRequestNumber = new StringHolder();
  StringHolder NewRequestHandle = new StringHolder();
  String attrVals[] = {"summary", "A new incident", "description", "new incident", "type", "crt:182"};
  client.createRequest(getAccessID().toString(), "", attrVals, "cr_tpl", NewRequestHandle, NewRequestNumber);  
  /*String[] myArray=new String[]{"persid","ref_num","description","status","category","zdept","last_mod_dt"};
  String strDetails=client.doSelect(getAccessID().toString(),"in","",-1,myArray);
  post.setRequestEntity(new StringRequestEntity(
   "<in>" +
   "<requestor id=\"711827\" COMMON_NAME=\"Requestor Name\" />"+
   "<customer REL_ATTR=\"U'000383AD1AAA71448BC7D52B35ABCD48'\"/>"+
   "<summary>Created from REST API Java code POST</summary>" +
   //"<requestor COMMON_NAME=\"IN27245780\"/>" +
   //"<requestor COMMON_NAME=\"AB\"/>"+
   //"<assignee REL_ATTR=\"U'637398407C765A49A0527381FDF197F5'\"/>"+
   //+ "User1</assignee>"+
   "<description>Description from REST API Java code</description>" +
     //"<priority id=\"500\" COMMON_NAME=\"3 - Low\"/>"+
   "<category id=\"669543\" COMMON_NAME=\"pcat:669543\"/>"+
   "<department id=\"1001128\" REL_ATTR=\"1001128\" COMMON_NAME=\"ETA - Internal\" />"+
   "<location id=\"03AE6B07863AEC4F8605BE7A6017E2D9\" REL_ATTR=\"loc:03AE6B07863AEC4F8605BE7A6017E2D9'\" />"+
      //"<priority COMMON_NAME=\"2 - Medium\"/>"+
      //  <priority id="500" REL_ATTR="1" COMMON_NAME="3 - Low">
      //+ "Medium</priority>" +
    //"<requestor COMMON_NAME=\"711827\"/>" +
    //"<requestor rel=\"self\"/>"+
    // "<status id=\"5200\" COMMON_NAME=\"Open\" />"+

   // "<group id=\"U'3DB0E17B891FC84B85EA493EB467F6FE'\"/>"+
     //"<status COMMON_NAME=\"Closed\"/>"+
     // "</status>"+


Can you please help me how to populate the incident with location and department.