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I would like to write out the Common Name of the client certificate used for Client Authentication, I have tried ${request.ssl.clientCertificate} and others I get "Variable exists but has no value" is there a way to write the cn of the client certificate

Question asked by sjmeyer on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Stephen_Hughes

I have the "Require SSL or TSL Transport with Client Certificate Authentication" enabled with  SSL or TSL required and Peer authentication required and check client certificate validity required. I would like to write out the CN of the client certificate in the logs however content variable ${request.ssl.clientCertificate} and the .pem option comes back as "variable exists but has no value" at the same time the assertion write out "SSL required and present" and "Found Client certificate for localhost". I have multiple clients using the web service - all have certs in the trust store, I'd like to be able to confirm the cert that was used with each request.