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How to prevent reassigned Service Catalog user roles from defaulting when running LDAPImporter?

Question asked by mrab on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by mrab

We are using LDAPImporter to pull users from AD into Service Catalog.  Two users were reassigned with the role of 'Service Delivery Administrator' and were given this role by using add-spadmin-user.  After the scheduled run of LDAPImporter, the roles for these two users is changed back to the default of 'Catalog User'.  Based on the documentation below, I have even tried adding the role thru the UI, but it still goes back to the default after the run.  Is there a parameter I have overlooked?


Specifies the CA Service Catalog role that users are assigned when they are imported for the first time.
Once the users are imported for the first time, their role assignment is the same. Only when you use the CA Service Catalog UI to change the role assignment, does this value also change. This restriction applies even if you change the value of this parameter and import the users again. This restriction helps maintain the ability of users to log in to CA Service Catalog.