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ACWP cost is displayed in task tab before performing post to WIP

Question asked by saranya8yash on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by HCL-Gaurav.Gupta

I created a task and assigned a resource to the task and I didn't select charge code for the same. I entered timesheets for the resource and ran post timesheets job, after which my transaction status changed to 'posted'  state in timesheets. And then I ran post transaction to financial job. But this transaction is in invalid transaction since the charge code is not selected. Now the ACWP cost is also displayed in task tab. Can anybody please tell me if the ACWP cost is displayed immediately after running 'post timesheets' job itself? According to my point of view, post transaction to financial job checks whether the transaction is financially enabled and actual costs will get captured only after performing 'Post to WIP'.