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Agile Central API Project Querying Issue (C#)

Question asked by PawelDH on Jun 16, 2017
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I have written an application that interacts with the Agile Central API. I am seeing a weird behaviour whose cause I am unable to determine. I have the following piece of code:


Request request = new Request("Project");
request.Workspace = "/workspace/" + _workspace;
request.Query = new Query("(Name = \"" + ProjectName + "\")");
QueryResult result = _rallyRestApi.Query(request);


I iterate through this code passing in various project names, the workspace stays the same. I am a member of two large projects which both contain children projects under them. We can call those Project A and Project B. When I run this code I can successfully find Project A and it's children when passing in their names, however as soon as I attempt to find Project B I do not have a result returned. I am able to use the website API page and build the query manually and I get the expected result back however when this small piece of code runs I cannot find Project B. I believe I am entering the name correctly as I've looked at it multiple times now.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.