New/Updated/Retired APM/ASM/AXA KDs for Week of 6/11/2017

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Jun 19, 2017

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TEC596464 PUBLISHED Should I be concerned with seeing APM database deadlock errors and exceptions in the Tess logs and the postgresql.log? 6/12/2017 7/31/2013 6/12/2017


TEC595290 PUBLISHED Configuring CA APM to use LDAP Authentication (Introscope and APM CE [CEM]). 6/12/2017 7/12/2013 6/12/2017


TEC1210346 PUBLISHED Seeing a Hashmap error after enabling the SOA Performance Management Agent Extension. 6/12/2017 9/30/2015 6/12/2017


TEC1241257 PUBLISHED An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List. 6/12/2017 11/19/2015 6/12/2017


TEC1904657 PUBLISHED Getting 'Unexpected element : OPEN_TAG' Exception when loading CEM Web Services in SoapUI 5.0. 6/12/2017 1/27/2016 6/12/2017


TEC1606598 PUBLISHED This message is frequently seen in Collectors: "Timed out adding to outgoing message queue. Limit of reached." and on MOM this is seen: "com.wily.isengard.message.MessageUndeliverableEx" 6/13/2017 4/27/2016 6/13/2017


TEC1830055 PUBLISHED Incorrect order of trace components in Trace View 6/13/2017 6/12/2017 6/13/2017


TEC1601606 PUBLISHED After configuring the Java agent with Atlassian application, some of the features and or plugins are not working as expected. 6/13/2017 6/13/2017 6/13/2017


TEC1831886 PUBLISHED Why am I unable to connect to Workstation or see the agent disconnecting? 6/13/2017 5/18/2015 6/13/2017


TEC1008211 RETIRED After configuring the Java agent with Atlassian Confluence Wiki application, some of the Confluence plugins are not working as expected. 6/13/2017 12/17/2015 6/13/2017


TEC604648 PUBLISHED How to perform an APM Cluster Performance Health Check. 6/14/2017 1/15/2014 6/14/2017


TEC1703275 PUBLISHED The time range pull-down menu for SLA reports in the APM CE (CEM) GUI is missing. 6/14/2017 6/13/2017 6/14/2017

The time range pull-down menu for SLA reports in the APM CE (CEM) GUI is missing. 


TEC616173 RETIRED IBM Java 7 agent exception JVMVRFY012 reported. 9/10/2014 8/27/2014 6/16/2017



TEC534365 RETIRED Problem Sending Email from CEM ( Legacy KB ID WLY 1900 ) 11/8/2013 11/6/2008 6/16/2017


TEC534166 RETIRED PGAdmin Server Unable to Connect to CEM ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2441 ) 11/6/2013 8/6/2009 6/16/2017