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Timesheet action items via GEL/XOG or dynamic assignees?

Question asked by ashmi_ashma on Jun 20, 2017
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Is there a way to send action items via XOG or GEL or select timesheet action item assignees dynamically?


My requirement is to sent action items for timesheet approval to multiple resources based on a couple of scenarios. Its not straight logic as to sending actions to thisTimesheet PMs/ RM/ users having time approval right over submitter. Approvers will differ for users based on multiple conditions like who the submitter is/ what projects he has entered time for/ is he a PM and working as non-PM in some task and approvers list will be fetched from db for each timesheet dynamically. So is there a way to enter / assign action item recipients (assignees) at run time - like if I save assignees in a variable in GEL can I assign action items to them? or if I save approvers names in a custom field on resource object, can I assign action items to resources in that field? 


This makes me wonder why CA has still not made timesheet an object.