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RESTMan bundle parameters

Question asked by PhBrand on Jun 20, 2017
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Could you confirm arguments shown below in RESTman documentation for "bundle" operation do not exist (anymore) ?


GET 1.0/bundle/{resourceType}/{id}

GET 1.0/bundle


includeOnlyServicePolicybooleanfalse1.0.3True to export only service policy. False by default.
includeOnlyDependenciesbooleanfalse1.0.3True to export only dependencies. False by default.


In fact goal was to use "bundle" to export a policy *without* any dependencies, e.g. mimic what does the "export policy" in the Policy Manager.


Using WSMan works through "" but we would rather stick continuing to use restman to avoir embedded java program (read:dead slow).


./ export -type policy -username xxxxx -password 'xxxxxxxx' -id e001cfd0c1c1ffaa18e187b5e72fd96f -outFile /var/tmp/foo -skipVerifyCertificate -skipVerifyHostname