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Suggestions require for Virtual service

Question asked by sri_D on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by gadpr08

Given Url ;- https://***.com/cart/activity/mobileBaggageProcess.action


Given Request 1 ;- fdb73003-57a1-4353-89d8-fd126792fc93

Reponse1 ;- json format 


Given Request 2 ;- 3c0875f3-f264-4afa-9c0c-396a7d65b68f

Reponse2 ;- json format 




Cachekeysuffix:- fdb73003-57a1-4353-89d8-fd126792fc93

Reponses are well formatted.


for the above Rest Api Request do I need to frame the request doc as

Req 1

GET /cart/activity/mobileBaggageProcess.action

Req 2

GET /cart/activity/mobileBaggageProcess.action


do I need to consider the fdb73003-57a1-4353-89d8-fd126792fc93 as header or body or argument


when used as argument its not working

how this can be implemented .Any suggestions please