Product Announcement - Work Views Open Beta!

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Announcing the new Work Views feature in CA Agile Central, now Open Beta!


CA Agile Central is specially built to support scaling agile across the enterprise, while providing a simple experience for teams.


At CA, we understand that it isn’t enough to be able to track the work, you have to be able to see and access the work that is important to you easily, quickly and in a single place. Our research has shown that users work more efficiently, and find simpler ways of working when provided with a single place to work and a consistent pattern for managing work.

We know that many users, such as process managers and work managers, benefit from being able to access work across multiple teams. Process managers, including Release Train Engineers and Scrum Masters, care about users following guidelines. Work Managers, including Product Owners, Product Managers, and Executives,  are concerned about work status, and how the work affects achievement of their own or other’s goals.

We’re introducing an important new feature in CA Agile Central that supports users who need to see and find their work easily, and manage it in one place.  Work Views will allow Agile Central Users to manage work of all types for one or many teams on one page.


How do you benefit?


  • Find your work faster and easier
  • Work with backlogs across multiple teams
  • See, save and manage a single view of all of your work, whether with one or multiple teams
  • See, save and manage a single view including multiple work item types with hierarchy


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