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Migrating Provisioning Directory from WinServer to Virtual Appliance

Question asked by lubmu01 Employee on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by lubmu01

Good evening


I am deploying a new instance of IDM that will run on the Virtual Appliance. The User Store data has been remapped to the standardised attributes.  I have managed to use the internal tools (dxdumpdb) to export the ldif file. The file also imports. What is an issue though, is the references to the old WinServer deployment, particularly when it comes to what server(s) it should be referencing when the data is modified using Provisioning Manager.


I have tried the following:

1) I have tried extracting with JXplorer, which fails soon after attempting to extract the data

2) I tried to setup a Windows Instance to run in HA with the VApp, but can't get the VApp to register the Windows instance.

3) I have tried to update the extract from dxdump to eliminate the line wrapping (the -w switch is ineffective). The importer, can't read beyond the preset line wrap point when I managed to edit the file using TextPad to get around the special characters.


Any suggestions are very welcome