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clamp limit hit when executing JDBC queries

Question asked by rmckeown on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by SergioMorales

I was running a series (every 5min) of small JDBC queries against Introscope 10.5 to extract metric data 

After a few of them, I start getting failures like this :


com.wily.introscope.spec.server.user.LoginFailedException: Workstation connection from Node=Workstation 41288, Address=<x.x.x.x/x.x.x.x:pppp>, Type=socket of user AuthenticatedUserAdmin was rejected since the clamp value of 40 has been reached.

(I replaced the host/ports with x & p above)


The Workstation number increments on successive calls too.


I was only executing very simple queries following the examples shown here JDBC API - CA Application Performance Management - 10.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


What do I need to change to avoid hitting this clamp limit ?   Is there some connection/query-pool management I need to be doing better on my query/client side? 


I don't want to just bump the 40 to some higher number, only to hit it again after a few more query iterations