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BOXI report not totaling correctly

Question asked by lilmoss on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by lilmoss

This report's query filter is bringing in 4 CA SD tickets and the Analysts userids for the analysts defined in the SD routing group "Service Desk-Global". 

The report is grouped by Analyst Name and is totaling the # of tickets they resolved/closed. 

Two of the four tickets have been resolved/closed by 2 of the defined analysts - Andrew Dessecker & Joyce Lilie -  

The table at the analyst level is showing the correct total of tickets resolved/closed by each analyst using the following variables: 

At the analyst level of the report, I used the variable Count Activity Log which says: =If [Activity Log] = 1 Then Count([Activity Log]) - the Activity Log variable is selecting records where the type symbol is either 'closed', 'resolution', & 'auto close' and the group name equals "Service Desk-Global", if these conditions are true, then give me a 1,  

The table below in red shows 1 ticket was resolved/closed for Andrew and 1 ticket was resolved/closed for Joyce, but when I bring that Count Activity Log variable up to the total tickets resolved/closed table, it just shows 1 instead of 2! 

Is there something I'm missing to get it to total correctly? 

The report detail analyst section

 Report total sectionActivity Log variableCount Activity Log variable




 Am I missing something?




Joyce Lilie