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Batch Style Workloads + API Gateway

Question asked by acalbazana on Jun 21, 2017
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I'm looking for some recommendations or advice on supporting batch style workloads on the API Gateway.  I had a few situations where I've been asked if we can put a service on the gateway that has a particular profile such that it handles large message bodies (document processing, large xml content generation, batch feeds, etc...).  These services also have a high latency where responses can return upwards of 1-2 minutes.  


I've been reluctant to host these on a gateway that primarily supports transactional work (quick communications with back end services).  I don't want one workload to swamp the gateway and affect the other.


Does anyone else have this kind of problem?  If so, how did you go about addressing it?  Did you allocate another gateway that is tuned for these kinds of workloads?  Did you expose them using an alternate means?