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SSL mutual auth failed

Question asked by Popleys on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Mark_HE

Hi There,

Am getting below error while calling api gateway through two way ssl presenting my p12 file through soap ui to call the ssg service.Please advice.


<l7:detailMessage id="4114">Found client certificate for CN=app1certcn</l7:detailMessage>
<l7:assertionResult assertion="l7p:MemberOfGroup" status="Authentication Failed">
<l7:detailMessage id="4217">Credentials failed for app1certcn due to 'Couldn't authorize X.509 credentials: Request certificate [cn=app1certcn] for user com.l7tech.identity.User.
First name=
Last name=
providerId=570783bcdf9276135b2344ec1bc25e37] does not match previously imported certificate [cn=app1certcn]'</l7:detailMessage>
<l7:detailMessage id="4208">Authentication failed for GroupTest </l7:detailMessage>
<l7:assertionResult assertion="l7p:All" status="Authentication Failed"/>