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IG IDM Custom Connector Integration

Question asked by dwias02 Employee on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by dwias02

We have developed a custom connector using CS SDK and also have a Identity Governance(IG) connector the Identity Manager(IDM). We have to import the data/accounts from IDM to IG and perform certifications on those accounts having specific roles/groups.
But while configuring the IG IDM connector for the endpoint of custom connector I am not able to complete the step of "Endpoint mappings as described - Define how objects in an endpoint map to objects in CA Identity Governance, for example, a group in Active Directory is a resource in CA Identity Governance."

Someone has mentioned that in the custom connector schema we need to mark a specific attribute that we need to use for mapping but could not tell us the details how to do that. I have attached a screen print of the step. Does anyone have idea about this, thanks.