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Jaspersoft Export PPT

Question asked by eabollinger on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by roland.parrotte

Question on custom JasperSoft report (server version 6.2.1) that contains a valid URL. I have multiple valid URL fields on the Project Object. No issue when launching from with the CA PPM app (version 15.2). Created a custom JasperSoft report which contains these fields. Properties are correctly configured and report runs fine within the Clarity app. These URL fields are fully functional and launch correctly to either internal company website, Sharepoint locations, etc. on new tab. This is the desired functionality.

Exporting the report in PDF format and the URL links work fine.


Issue is when exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint format (ppt). URL's do not export as links but simply as text fields.


Is this a bug with the CA PPM code and export capabilities into PPT format?