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Assign timesheet approval rights and resource forecast rights to additonal Manager

Question asked by Heeral on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by suhail-sayed
We have added a custom attribute name Functional Manger in Clarity for a Resource. So now what we need is as the Resource Manager gets the notification for timesheet approval and has rights for resource  forecasting by default the similar way the Functional Manager should also have both these features enabled.  So, e.g. M1 is set as Resource Manager for resource A1 and M2 is set as Functional Manager. Since Resource Manager is internally the ManagerM1  will automatically get the timesheet approval right for resource A1 but manger M2 (who is the Functional Manager) won’t since Functional Manager is our custom attributes. So, we need to make sure that manger M2 is also granted timesheet approval and resource forecasting rights for resource A and all the resources under him..