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Server Error log

Question asked by malvl02 Employee on Jun 25, 2017


I get a lot of errors in stdlog files that looks like this:

animator_nxd      SERVER_ERROR     bpmessage.c    779    BPMessage::operator[0]: index out-of-bounds max=-1

animator_nxd      SIGNIFICANT            bpmessage.c    783    BPMessage[2235367424.76108.223790] [User superuser]

animator_nxd      SIGNIFICANT            bpmessage.c    783    {

animator_nxd      SIGNIFICANT            bpmessage.c    783          method = evaluated_condition  

animator_nxd      SIGNIFICANT            bpmessage.c    783    }

animator_nxd      SERVER_ERROR     bpobject.c         783    Attemp to cast type NIL BPData to long


What is it mean?