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Fault correlation engine Unable to set node state pds = FCPDS

Question asked by amit.panjwani on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Gene_Howard

I am implementing Topology & RCA functionality in CAUIM. During an outage I found alarms have been suppress but fault correlation engine is unable to detect cause of outage

As a result of an outage , total 71 alarms generated in clear & information severity. Expectation was to have at least 1 critical alarm, which should point to actual fault but it was not present. While doing further troubleshooting, I found that fault correlation engine is not being able to identify the cause of outage so suspecting this could be the reason for not having any critical alarm.

I suspect that fault correlation engine is not working fine. while checking the logs of Fault_correlation_engine finding below errors:

06212017 05:08:05,826 [ analyzer1] WARN - Unable to set node state pds = FCPDS [subject= interface_poller, nimId = FP62802341-71781, alarm nimid = null, prid = topology_agent, source = null, level = null, origin = null, robot = null, message = null]