Error job Create and Update Jaspersoft Users

Discussion created by danieldbf on Jun 26, 2017
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Hi Guys!!

I need you help, please!


I can't execute the job  "Create and Update Jaspersoft Users".


Job Started26/06/17 16:00
Error26/06/17 16:00
Failed to get an instance of ClarityJasperAdmin :: Exception getting ClarityJasperAdmin : Unauthorized access to http://<server>/reportservice with username ppmjasperadmin


Look at CSA:



The status is available, but the job don't work.


I don't add a new service report too.


6/26/17 3:47 PM (niku) execute: read hosts.xml
6/26/17 3:47 PM (niku) Adding service(s)...
6/26/17 3:47 PM (niku) [X] Invalid service: reports. Use 'service remove reports' command to remove it.


User PPMJASPERADMIN is active and Clarity version 14.4


What happens?


Thank you.

Daniel Barros