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Getting Systemdate in JDBC step

Question asked by girijak on Jun 27, 2017
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Hi Team,


Am trying to write a query which will fetch records for a particular period of time.
I have a date type column in my table, based on that column i need to fetch the records for the period of last 7 days.
when i use sysdate () function its showing an SQL Exception " SYSDATE' is not recognized as a function or procedure."

I used a timestamp filter as well,but i got a error like DATE type cannot be compared with string type.

#sample Query is SELECT * FROM "RPT"."METRICS_TXN_COUNTS" WHERE "COUNTS_DATE" BETWEEN '2017-06-10' AND '2017-06-17'


I need to give those dates dymically as sysdate-7, sysdate.


So could you please suggest me how to get current date.



Girija K.