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How to set a response JMS message property with the value from a request JMS message property.

Question asked by AleGaz on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Kevin.Bowman

Hi guys,


I'm working on a JMS communication based service where messages have headers, properties and xml body.


The service receives a message from a queue, creates a response xml and sends the message (with other headers and properties) on another queue.


I've verified that I can set a response JMS property using a value from request xml using msg.props.myProp = {{=request_pathToXmlTag;/*defaultValue*/}},


but I wondering how can I set a response JMS property using a value from a given request JMS property, something like msg.props.myProp = {{=request_msg.props.sourceProp;/*defaultValue*/}} where msg.props.sourceProp is present in the request.


Is it doable?


I'll attach a screenshot to help you understanding my needs.


Thank you and
Best Regards,