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CA IDM 12.6.7 some AD Users does not create new global users

Question asked by docldap on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by docldap

Hi experts,


I faced an issue in our prod environment, where an AD User that was created from ADUC console is not being read with the explore/correlate function. Other users created later are found with the explore, but this one still does not appear as a global user.


I tried creating users in my own lab environment, and finally the same happened here. I create users from ADUC console, only with first name, last name, username/fqdn and password (all users are named "usuario uno", "usuario dos", etc with usernames user1, user2, etc). After each user created run explore/correlation from Provisioning Manager and user appeared as global users on the console. But for some of the users I created, it did not appeared as global users. Following explore/correlation continues bringing me the new users, but this particular one is never shown.


Does this happened to someone? Or somebody does some way to debug this issue?


Thanks a lot!