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Deploying the "Organizer - Tasks - Personal" portlet view onto the 'Home - General' page

Question asked by Christopher Yardin Champion on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Dave_3.0

Hi All, looking for some guidance or whether this is feasible from the PPM community. Our resource management processes are weak, but we have resisted the ability to allocate everyone to every investment.


So what we are aiming to do for our timesheet users is expose the investment allocations and task assignments. Given the limited exposure to Clarity that the majority of timesheet users will have, is it possible to leverage the 'Organizer - Tasks - Personal' portlet and place this on the home page (see attached image). I have tried to do this but the portlet does not appear in the portlet list, nor can I find the portlet page.


One other point for consideration, I can't build a custom portlet for our timesheet users as it would put them in a different license category - so I am restricted to base functionality.


Thanks in advance, and any help here would be appreciated? If this is not possible, I would also like to know.