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How to set different response for the same request

Question asked by AjayJK01 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by EricSong

I am stuck with a unique problem where functional & Regression team is using the same environment to perform their testing in parallel. Now the environment is pointed to a virtual service and because of parallel execution it is found that both teams are using shared data. Due to functional teams unique requirement the response  for a certain request has been customized for them to validate certain new features. Regression team is using the same set of request where they are expecting a normal response. 


The request would be exactly same and I could not use the argument matching feature to differentiate between request. 


1) Having 2 instance of VS is not possible because switching would require URL change & Server bounces from the environment team - Time consuming process.

2) Providing time slot option might not be feasible due to parallel nature of the work.


Would be helpful if you can share some thoughts on how to overcome this situation. Is there any feature within DevTest tool which can be used here.