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Business Objects CSP Reports are not working after CABI 3.3 Upgrade

Question asked by shalinee on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by suhail-sayed

Hi All,


We have upgraded to Clarity version 14.2 and CABI 3.3 SP5 from CA Clarity 12.1.3 and CABI 3.X. We have noticed none of our out of the box reports (available in CSP folder) are working.


As soon as we are changing data base configuration to our QA instance DB configuration, we are getting below error. This seems like some of the commands/variables/columns used in report are not available in DB OR we are no longer connecting to correct database.



This is default DB setting


and we changed it to



we have also validated the

1- ODBC 32 bit availability and DSN entry

2- Completed both the  OOTB Jobs "Create Business Object Users", "Update Business Object Reports Database Tables"

3- System option has setting for data warehouse options

4- We have also re-imported biar file 

5- we have also installed csk


We are still able to run previous out of the box reports which are outside of CSP folder. Also we have noticed that when we are opening the report in Crystal report 2008 and running the query manually based on attached word document suggested in  post.

How to get CSP reports SQL query using Crystal Report.docx 

then some of them are working fine like (Missing Timesheet) . 


However when running the report via crystal report design and connected to QA instance database manually not the way suggested in above mentioned post then it is throwing the error " The field name is unknown" and showing these formula's one after other







Is there something missing which needs to install as part of OOTB feature?