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Knowledge about Performance VSE

Question asked by Shivam.garg on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by JohnVDL

Hello All,


I am using some performance VSEs for NFT testing. So want to get knowledge like


1. How we can check load over VSE?

2. How we can check memory available for VSE, how much occupied by services and how much is remaning?


So other use ful information that you are aware and will be be helpful for me. Because during NFT and post of that, we are seeing some time performance VSE are not behaving fine. As some time , we are not able to redeploy or remove serve, some time we are not able to make transaction count 0 etc..


So please your expertise knowledge will increase my knowledge around this. I will be so much thankful.



Shivam Garg