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How to have Email raise a NEW ticket, if old ticket is Closed, in SDM?

Question asked by Kyle_R Employee on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Kyle_R

Hello Everyone,


I have an ITSM 14.1 site interested in the following scenario.


Any suggestions on how they might achieve this?



  • Emails to "not Closed" SDM tickets should perform an UPDATE.
  • Emails to "Closed" SDM tickets should "CREATE NEW" ticket, and not update the existing ticket.
  • CA PAM Web Services updates should be able to UPDATE all tickets - whether open or closed.


There is a parameter "@NX_EMAIL_ALLOW_UPDATE_ON_INACTIVE" which controls whether Closed tickets may be updated. However, it can't be enabled to prevent updates to Closed tickets, otherwise the CA PAM Web Services updates will stop working.


Thanks, Kyle_R.

For issue 00771777.