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MuleSoft FieldPack Metrics

Question asked by rogelio.dipasquale on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by reian06

Hi all,


I've implemented the MuleSoft Field pack mentioned (i.e.) in How to setup Introscope for Mulesoft? and successfully retrieved all metrics.


I wonder if there is some documentation on what do "Mule" folder metrics stand for.


For example, in Flows I see all flows implemented and in each of them, I see

Active Flow Instances

Average Branch Processing Time

Branch Processings per interval

Execution Errors

Flow Errors

Processed Flows per Interval


And then some metrics for each folder.

I'm not an expert in MuleSoft, but I'm being asked about the meaning of these metrics, and I'm not really sure .


Are those names common MuleSoft metrics?