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Restrict view of change types

Question asked by J_W on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

SDM 14.1.03


I'm trying to restrict the view of change types to a subset of the list by Role.  We have five change types but this Role will only use three and so those should only be the ones visible when creating or editing a change order.


I've tried:

1.  Creating data partitions: First tried to create a View constraint on the Change_Request table and set

chgtype IN (200, 300, 400001)


This saves without error but does not take effect.  I also tried "" and then also "chgtype.sym IN ('Normal', 'Emergency','Urgent')".  Also saves but has no effect. As a test, I also tried to restrict to those NOT in the ones to not be visible:  "chgtype != 100" with no affect..


2.  I then created a new Controlled Table using the usp_change_type table.  I created a View constraint using the same syntax as above except using 'id' on the left side.


3. I've also tried modifying the dtlDropdown macro for chgtype on the detail_chg.htmpl form by adding




which also did not give an error but had no effect.


I'm sure I just have the syntax wrong on these unless someone else is having similar issues.