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How to Reduce alarm notification email in Nimsoft

Question asked by saipa02 Employee on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Yu_Ishitani

Dear team,


I am working with a client on a POC. We have configured monitoring for them and they need the alarms as email so I configured email gateway  and also created an auto-operator in NAS to send alarms coming for the specific probe. But they are complaining that they are getting more than 10000 of alarms in a day and due to this their mailbox is getting full. Every time when the alarm count is getting increased they are getting alarm for that. Their concerned is if they got an alarm on value of 10 then why they should get an alarm on again after 15 min interval of the auto operator on value 10. If the value is changing then they should get an alarm and if once they are notified for an event they why they are getting notified on each and every interval.


Do anyone have any idea how to reduce no of alarm or if they are notified once for the event it should not again send an emai or it should trigger email/action only once the value of alarm condition is changed, If the value remains same then it should not send an email.