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UMP authentication failure

Question asked by GaryDohmeier on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Phani Devulapalli

Been working with a team on UIM/UMP , migrating monitors from another monitoring system to UIM... Have mostly been working in the UIM fat client (windows) but have started working with UMP to visualize the data - really only using the USM portlet out of box to look at the graphs for cdm and logmon and url_response... etc.


Problem is the UMP seems really unstable .. I can only use it for maybe a day or so at most and the its crashing or somehow failing under the covers (which I dont have access too).  I will experience slowness and parts of the screen (portlets) just disappearing.  I will experience at times 504 gateway errors.  Also some times get the home screen and just simply wont respond to long (get authentication failed).


So question is this... where should I start trouble shooting - is there troubleshooting probes I could install that would help.. or do I really need access to the server itself.  The person Im working with can't/won't give me access (as I'm independent consultant) to the backend so not sure I can see any logs unless there is a probe I can install from the UIM console.  Looking for any troubleshooting advice or links that will help.