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Sync API gateway changes between 2 independed clusters 

Question asked by remo_m on Jul 5, 2017

We plan to build-up a second cluster of the API gateway.
The prevent inconsistency between the 2 clusters, we need a way to keep the content (policies, configurations, cluster wide properties, global resources, ...) in sync.
One cluster will be the "master" and all changes are made there.
Is there a way to keep the clusters in sync in real-time ?
It is also required to have the same goid's in the mysql database.



A futher requirement is to have the sync also active if one cluster is on version 9.x and the other is on 8.3.
I already gambled around with the GatewayMigrationUtility but had no success: 


Currently I have 2 clusters on the same version (8.3) and I just load the db backup every evening to the inactive cluster.
But I guess this will not work as soon we have different gateway versions running on the clusters.


Any ideas ?