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Cannot Edit Change Order After Risk Survey Completion then View

Question asked by Alan_Eth on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Brian_Mathato

There is a bug that is stopping the Edit button working on a Change Order that appears in our installation if a certain sequence of events is followed. The sequence is:

  1. View a Change Order with a Risk Survey
  2. Click on the Risk Survey button, complete and submit the survey
  3. Click on the View Risk Survey button, close the window for the survey
  4. Click on the Edit button on the Change Order and nothing happens


If I look in the browser's debugger tool I can see that a JavaScript error occurs in std_head.js when the Edit button is clicked but I haven't dug any deeper than that.


We can work around the problem, just closing the CO's window and re-opening it seems to clear the issue, but this is a potentially confusing and time-wasting situation for the users.


We have certainly not customised any of the CO Risk Survey forms but unfortunately we don't have an environment without any customisations applied at the moment to prove 100% that the problem is with the base product.


Has anyone come across this before and, if so, determined a solution?


We are using r12.6.


Thanks in anticipation,