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Cognos 11 Monitoring

Question asked by paimon.soror Champion on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by mparikh72
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Hi Folks;


Wondering if anyone has a solution for monitoring Cognos 11 running on Windows.  We are running into issues and dont seem to be able to find the right mix of components to get it going.  Regardless of using Agent.jar or the NoRedef, it starts the jvm, but then either dies immediately, or stalls.


We are putting the parameters in the %COGNOS_HOME%/bin64/bootstrap_wlp_winx64.xml file, right before the JVM options that they have commented out for debugging:



<param condName="${java_vendor}" condValue="IBM">-XX:ShareClassesEnableBCI</param>

<param condName="${java_vendor}" condValue="IBM">-Xscmx60m</param>

<param condName="${java_vendor}" condValue="IBM">-Xscmaxaot4m</param>


<!-- APM config start -->
<param>-Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile= E:\opt\SA\java_agent\latest\base-win\trunk\core\config\IntroscopeAgent.default.NoRedef.pvs.profile</param>
<!-- APM config end -->


<!-- this parameter helps address the problems related to the large number of static objects in the content store -->


<!-- uncomment these for debug -->


<!-- end debug params -->


The APM logs dont show any errors or stack traces.