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Problem with test-case import via excel add-in

Question asked by duckoose on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by davse04

Hi there!

This is my first time trying to import test-cases via excel add-in, and here is what i experienced, and what prevents me from importing the test-case.

  1. So i downloaded the template for TC import, filled in the needed fields, others were left blank, and here is the error i got when validating the .csv:

            ReadOnlyAttribute Attribute 'Last Verdict' in column U is ReadOnly and cannot be imported!
            ReadOnlyAttribute Attribute 'Last Build' in column V is ReadOnly and cannot be imported!
            ReadOnlyAttribute Attribute 'Last Run' in column W is ReadOnly and cannot be imported!

      I tried leaving those fields blank, populating them, deleting them, etc. but nothing would help. That's weird.


      2. Apart from those fields, the system keeps telling me that columns' headers up to "X" column cannot be null.           Considering the original template has only columns up to "W", the question is - what should i put in that column??           Whatever i put, the system finds a new problem - "incorrect header"! What's wrong with it?


      3. I cannot edit the schema for upload... Yes, i am a regular user, i have no admin rights, but it is not said anywhere that non-admin cannot edit the schema fields when importing.


      4. Have no idea and found no materials on how to import STEPS. I can import using "simple import", but each new line is a new test case. That's not what i want, i'd love to have one file as a test case, having several lines as test steps. All the links around "help", "support" and "community" areas are either broken or not found. All the videos are for oldest versions of the app. How can i import test steps?


      5. Try to import from the excel add-in using the import template - you'll see a bunch of errors on validation step, is the template out-of-date?