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Cuostom Jar file not working even after placing it in hotdeploy folder in workstation and in server

Question asked by Shivam.garg on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by gadpr08

Hello All,


We have one custom jar file which was used previously by different team in their workstations which is desolved now. I am using same approach and suggested by them in email.


1. Upload the attached jar file in the path, c:/programfiles/lisa.7.5.2/hotdeploy . Start LISA workstation. This custom jar file will enable you to add a filter in the LISA test step.

2. Below is the screenshot of the email filter. Subject, Body of the email can be entered and attachment path can also be mentioned.


 3. The same jar file needs to be updated in the server as well.


This time also we performed same, but it is not working. We analysing mail boxes and we are not getting any mail. Can some suggest where can be issue? After deploying file in hot deploy folder, do we need to do any change in local or lisa properties file?


Please suggest and advise some thign as it is blocking one requirement.




Shivam Garg