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Question asked by Patricio_1979 on Jul 10, 2017
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Hello everibody,


We need to know if exists any documentation related with ¿What does each job do? in CA PPM. We schedule the following jobs but don't know what does.


List of schedule Jobs:

Batch PrintingRepetitivo

Clean User SessionRepetitivo

Create and Update Jaspersoft UsersRepetitivo

Datamart ExtractionRepetitivo

Datamart Rollup - Time Facts and Time SummaryRepetitivo

Delete InvestmentsRepetitivo

Investment AllocationRepetitivo

Load Data WarehouseRepetitivo

Load Data Warehouse Access RightsRepetitivo

Purge Temporary Aggregated DataRepetitivo

Rate Matrix Extraction - FullRepetitivo

Time Slicing

Update Aggregated DataRepetitivo

Update Report Tables