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Agile Central / Confluence WIKI live data reflection

Question asked by Mayuresh.Athalekar on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Mayuresh.Athalekar

Hello Folks,


I am new to community. I work as Program Manager and we extensively use Rally aka Agile central as our main tool for scrum practices. I primarily use Confluence WIKI as my MOM tool to represent team progress.


Question :

I need to reflect live data from Agile Central to confluence pages viz. Burndown charts, Defect trends, Iteration progress status etc. Is there way to integrate in Confluence pages, so at any given point of time when I am presenting status, I will get live data rather than a manual report generated data ?


I tried to use burndown chart image links to reflect the details. When I insert the links, in preview the charts shows up but when I save the page, the page displays "Broken Image" message which actually defeat my purpose.


Please help !



Mayuresh Athalekar